"Why Should I Go On A 12 Week Diet, When I Can Lose All The Weight In Just 28 Days?

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Warp Speed Fat Loss:
stop the frustration are you frustrated with the way your body looks?
frustrated with how fast or how slow you are losing weight

warp speed fat loss

The energy of the warp speed fat loss system will peel fat of you so fast
frustration will be a thing of the past


lose more than the standard one to two pound a week
discover how losing more than two ponds a week is not only possibly but safe

the special workouts have been optimized to help you burn fat
for 36 hours straight even if you are sitting on the couch
you don't even need to think about your diet
with our done for you diet you dont need to anything about losing weight
as we have created all the rapid weight loss meals for you
start today and be 7lbs lighter 7 days from now






Discover the powerful “Targeted Fat Loss Cardio ” that has been scientifically crafted and designed to vaporize lower abdominal and inner thigh fat


Learn how to guarantee that you never lose one ounce of fat burning muscle (A recent study from the University of Connecticut showed that if you don’t do this you can lose up to 3.2lbs of muscle

Inside Warp speed Fat loss you'll find :

28 Days of meal plans, listing exactly everything you need to eat
How to extract the fat loss benefits from low carb diets
The biggest mistake you can make with your weight loss training.
How you can kiss those excruciatingly long 2 hour workouts good bye
The shocking truth about how much protein you need to “protect” your muscle when losing weight.


This is NOT just a diet: Think about all the diets out there. Which one is going to strip the fat off your body the fastest?

You could use a

Low Calorie Diet

Low Fat/High Carb Diet

Low Starch Diet

Low Carb Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Low GI Diet

Carb Cycling Diet

Nutrient Timing Diet

Or any of the hundred diet gimmicks out there

Here’s the thing

Warp Speed fat Loss puts ALL of these to work for you

How is that possible?


The reason is simple: Advanced Manipulation of Human Biochemistry, Physiology to Maximize Fat Mobilization and Oxidation

That sounds pretty confusing huh?

Well...the beauty of the whole thing is that you don’t need to know anything about ANY OF THAT because my partner in crime, Mike, has done the work for you.

Here are just some of the scientific studies that Mike has scoured to form the Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet

Mike has scoured THOUSANDS of scientific studies, extracted, and compiled the fastest and most effective fat loss diet that I have ever seen.

AND you can start putting it into action less than 60 seconds from now



How Warp Speed Fat loss helps you lose weight

Here’s a diagram to help you see what people experience with the Warp Speed Fat Loss System

I can assure you that you haven’t seen a training and diet knockout punch like this before, and once you experience Warp Speed Fat Loss you’ll never go back to your “old ways” again.

But let me be perfectly clear.

If you are looking to lose 50lbs - this is not for you. If you have 20lbs of fat to lose and you don't want to spend 12 weeks fighting with your body to get rid of it then Warp Speed Fat Loss was designed for you - this is extreme fat loss.


In addition, with the Warp Speed Fat Loss System you will:

How to boost your metabolism by eating certain foods
The one trick to shifting your carbohydrate intake that will fuel your fat burning exercise session
Why you can kiss those excruciatingly long 2 hour workouts good bye
The exact cardio prescription that will increase your fat loss by over 100%

What are other People saying About Warp Speed Fat Loss:

Blair Baxter
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I was really excited to use the warp speed fat loss system. I had already been dieting for two weeks before the program so i had all ready lost about 7lbs (mostly water weight_. I was a little concerned that i would lose too much weight with Warp Speed Fat loss because i had allready been on a diet.

Boy was i wrong

I lost 16lbs and 3 inches off my waist in the four weeks that i used warp speed fat Loss.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose body fat FAST


What's included? Gifts and Bonuses: 

What's included? Gifts and Bonuses:

The entire package consists of :

24 W. S. F. L. Workouts
Warp Speed Fat Loss Workout Sheets
28 days of delicious W. S. F. L. Meal Plans
W. S. F. L. Exercise Library
Targeted Fat Loss and Interval Fat Loss Audio Coaching
Warp Speed Diet Primer Video
Straight Talk About Calories Video
Fat Loss Mastermind Audio


In addition to these you also get two more new releases from their stable, viz. :

Add-On # 1. The "Great Unveiling" Rapid 6 Day Weight Reduction Protocol"

In this special report it will show you exactly how to manipulate your body's water and sodium levels in order to look unbelievable in only 6 days.




Add-On # 2. The "Ripped Ready Abs" Routine

Do you want razor sharp abs? This cool "secret weapon" goes perfectly with the W.S.F.L. Program.




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